Corporate design, illustrations and web design for Frachtraum

Frachtraum is a young, innovative start-up that provides a digital booking platform and software for truck transports within the logistics industry.
Illustrations: The five topics "Transport management of the future", "Planning in seconds", "Always live. Everything under control", "Order management made easy" and "Optimal use of your vehicle fleet" should be individually shown and the interactivity of the product underlined. The product should merge the living and working environment of the shippers and carriers and give the viewer an insight of the new work flow with the Frachtraum software application.
Landigpage: The Landingpage should convince that Frachtraum software is the best solution for medium-sized companies due to the use of the latest technology, in order to make work more efficient and simpler. With Frachtraum software the entire business can be managed from creating an order up to invoicing and so on.
Corporate Design:The five illustrations were developed under consideration of the existing colours used in the old branding with new weighting and tonality towards a friendlier and brighter appearance. The illustrations and the Landingpage at the same time serve as a style guide for the new and fresher Frachtraum branding to be developed.