Daimler Real Estate
Portfolio 2012 - 2017

Daimler Real Estate is responsible for the global, value-oriented and efficient management of the Real Estate Portfolio of Daimler AG.

Daimler Real Estate GmbH (DRE) is the global real estate service provider for the Daimler Group. DRE develops and supplies real estate for all asset classes and business areas. As a fully-owned subsidiary of Daimler AG, they are committed to providing efficient solutions for global locations and to strategically aligning them. They also design and execute complex construction projects within the global portfolio.

Daimler Real Estate Portfolio 2012 - 2015

Text and figures in this brochure were changed for any content in consultation with the customer by reason of the confidential content.

Portfolio 2015
Based on the existing corporate guidelines of Daimler AG and the given content, we created a fresh and visually convincing layout for the Daimler Real Estate Portfolio 2015 on 28 pages.
Diagrams and tables
Creating smart design for diagrams and tables of the different types of content in a clear, understandable and at the same time appealing way was key to present the quantity of information in a small space.  This way the viewer does not lose track of numbers and at the same time keeps the important results in focus.
Divisions and business units by region
On 18 of the total 28 pages, the figures for example divisions or business units are presented on two double pages by for example country or continent thus by regions. The figures were accompanied and supplemented by additional pictures, location graphics and icons.